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07.23.2015: Zlurpcast Hosts Altered Reality for a Quick Chat

Heath is a savage for the media, and he was at it again with our friends over at Zlurpcast discussing the game mechanics and some of the "fluff" that we've spun to make the game as addictive as cotton candy. Check out the cast here.

07.23.2015: Table Top Gaming News Gives Us Some Love!

Table Top Gaming News put up an article on our Gods and Monsters Kickstarter. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Kickstarter page here. And if you're really interested, read more of their article here.

07.22.2015: Cool Mini Podcast

Our friends over at Cool Mini recently did a podcast with our artist Heath Foley about the details of Gods and Monsters. Check it out here.

07.22.2015: Kickstarter Video

Our Kickstarter event officially starts today and we've got a vortex of good things to share with you in the coming days. But first, we'd like to introduce you to our friend Andy.

07.21.2015: Kickstarter Pledge Level

As part of our Kickstart program, we're proud to introduce you to the "Divine" offer. Don't miss out on this opportunity to pledge your support for Gods and Monsters and get some serious loot.

The Base Box Includes:
  • 1 Steam Knight and 1 Chaos Beast
  • 2 Steam Jousters
  • 2 Eye of Madness
  • 6 Moros Claw Devoted
  • 6 Moros Eyeball Devoted
  • 6 Arthur Sword Devoted
  • 6 Arthur Steam Gun Devoted
  • Core Rulebook
  • 60 Card Moros Faction Deck
  • 60 Card Arthur Faction Deck
  • 50 Card Event Deck
  • 10 Custom Dice for Arthur
  • 10 Custom Dice for Moros
  • 1 2-Sided Token Punchout Sheet
  • "The World of Gods and Monsters" Lore Book

Interested? Check out our Kickstart page here.




They say that the end of the world has come; that it's the apocalypse. Others say it's the turning of an age, or some other such hippy crap. Others theorize that the Large Hadron Collider opened a black hole and let something into our world. The truth is, the big brains don't have a clue what is going on, but two things are clear; one, power like we've never seen before threatens to destroy our way of life, and two, we're not going down without a fight!

-Colonel Joshua E. Thomas, Commander,
North American Resistance Forces

The others did not survive the expedition, because they could not handle the truth. They looked into the void, and what they saw broke them. You thought I was locked away these last 26 years... but in fact I was set free, long before your straps and needles tried to contain me. Soon I will remake this world into my vision from all those years ago. Come, take my hand and I will show you the truth.

-Patient 8992


Throughout the ages, certain people have been able to tap into hidden power from beyond: shamen, magicians, heroes, and legends. Written about in countless lost tomes, man has sought this power through the ages, yet only a handful have ever found it. Until recently.

Why the walls between worlds collapsed, no one knows for sure, but certain individuals suddenly found that they possessed the power to alter reality. When these individuals started to shape the world to their liking, they soon came into conflict with one another. They began to battle for the one resource they could not create: power from beyond. Wherever the walls between worlds are thin, wherever this power leaks into our existence, inevitably, Gods and Monsters will clash for control of it.

Download the game rules (BETA) now!




Altered Reality games is based in bright and sunny Phoenix, AZ. The team is made-up of industry veterans and long time tabletop game lovers who've spent decades playing and designing games.